& what they do for the women's body!

I haven't met a good boned structured top I didn't like, which is the reason l'm so obsessed with finding the perfect corset! Corsets have been around since the beginning of women's clothing, they were built with our dying obsession to be perfect. A women was suppose to be "perfect" and ready for the right man to choose her! LOL! Thank God those days are over! The 2020 women I imagine, like myself,  is way more into herself so finding a decent a top that gathers everything up while simultaneously letting the cleavage out is heaven sent.

Although over the decades and centuries of fashion, construction in the oh so structured corset has been very lackluster. Its either no boning all shaping or boning but no underwire. I, as a full figured women, wear a size 36 D. There is literally nothing I can do with a "shaped" bra cup that lacks no structure. There is no way to boost my bust with no underwire & who wants to see a sagging cleave? Yikes! 

So although my hunt continues I take pride in knowing that the corset tops offers are structured and quality, & the corsets without underwire allows room for undergarments