The Very Tini Kini


So most may know me as being slightly controversial & risqué when it comes to my wardrobe and fashions I implement into my brand. So I’m sure a few weren’t alarmed when I unveiled the South Beach nearly there suit, summer of last year.

This suit was Low key for a while I got the idea from the 2 piece designs I use to love to wear while exotic dancing. I love the fact that your private’s were covered but it almost looked like the strings were invisible. 

So I made a couple of the suits and I sent them to a couple models I was working with and that was pretty much it! I never put them online or let the world know about them. It was just another thing I had created in my studio that looked good on my mannequin; that is until Kami Osman wore the one I sent her this fall. Talk about out of season! But always on time! Now in the middle of spring season the orders for South Beach are pouring in! 

So much so I decided to add a new color and colorway with the pink & baby blue Dior fabric prints. I cannot wait to create that gallery of hotties on my page. & I can’t wait to add to the designs